DartPro comes to Android

After more than 500.000 downloads on the windows platform, DartPro comes to Android. Practice games like 501, n01, Cricket etc. on your phone or tablet. Join the DartPro community on Google+ to easily find new opponents to play online. It's as easy as selecting someone from your circles from within the app. Charts, statistics, finish suggestions - everything is there to help you become a better darter. See what type of darts practice routines DartPro currently has to offer.



Completely rewritten and optimized to run on tablets and smartphones.

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Feature packed, every possible practice routine included.

DartPro for windows has been around for a long time and is enjoyed by lots of darters, trying to up their game with practice. See what type of darts practice routines DartPro currently has to offer.
DartPro still runs fine on Windows systems from Windows XP up to Windows 8.1. There are, however, some backward compatibility isues:

  1. Problem connecting to other darters with DartPro - Open port 47141 on your modem/router. DartPro uses this port to serve games, and it is closed by default. Go to PortForward for help opening up this port. Then check Canyouseeme to see if your port is mapped correctly. Make sure you have DartPro with a Remote Game Of 501 running when you check.

  2. Problem when saving games - If you experience problems with DartPro choking on Date/Time and strange Average values, go to Control Panel|Regional And Language Options and change your format to English(United States). DartPro will now recognize your Date/Time settings as valid entries. You can change it back to the format you were using and the fix will stick.