• DartPro for Windows

Single 501

Play a typical game of 501 and let DartPro do the math. Enter your scores and see how much you're left with, you get finish suggestions: preferred finishes and pressure finishes, and a list of all possible finishes. You can save your game to a database and chart your efforts. There are Statistics that paint a detailed picture on your performance.

Single 301

This is like a 501 game, but some people play this with double in double out. Also an excellent game if you've just started playing darts and 501 is just a little to much. Of course there are finish suggestions and Charts and Statistics that tell you everything about your game.

Online 501

How about playing a game online against a friend or a total stranger! DartPro comes with a gameserver to let you connect to a friend anywhere on the internet and play a game like your opponent was there with you in the room. There's even a build-in chat window for realtime communication.

Local 501

This is your typical game of 501, but you don't have to calculate your scores: DartPro will do the math. of course there's a database behind this game and charts to see how you are doing.

Average ShootOut

The objective in this game is to give you stamina in your average. Fire away at those triple 20's and see what your average is without those nasty doubles. You get some really usefull information playing this, because you get to know your average in percentages of scores below 60, >60, >100, >140 and 180's.

Round The World

The objective of this game is to hit a round of doubles in numerical order, beginning with double 1 and ending with double 20 - just like the official rules used in British Pentathlon. Because some people, like myself, like hitting the Bull and think it's an essential element in the game of darts, I made including the Bull an option. DartPro keeps track of the percentages, and you can save them in a database - just like you're used to in the other games. Round The World is an excellent game to help you improve hitting doubles.


In Cricket, the objective is to close all your numbers (20 - 15 and bull) and gather more or as many points as your opponent. To close a number, you must hit that number 3 times. If you've hit it more than 3 times, and your opponent hasn't closed that number yet, every extra score is counted as extra points. This makes for very interesting game play, and is a great exercise in hitting important triples we need when finishing a game of 501.

Single Cricket

Play a game of Cricket by yourself to practice.

Target Practice

In this routine you get to practice 1 target at a time, be it a Number, a Double, a Triple, or even a big or small part of a Number. And you can play for MPR's or Percentages. Say you want to practice your cover shot: 19. You may decide to go for MPR's, and practice the whole number. Triple's and Doubles count correspondedly, and the result is an MPR which can be saved to a database, be charted, and you can see if over time you are making progress. You can also specify that you want to practice Triple 19: in this case you play a Percentage game where only Triple's count as hits. Each and every field on the board can be a Target, and like with every other practice routine in DartPro, all your efforts are saved in a database where filtering and charting lets you see how your game progresses over time.

Bob's 27

This practice routine by Bob Anderson is great to work on your doubles. You start with 27 points and throw 3 consecutive darts at each double in ascending order, starting with Double 1 and ending with the bull. After each turn you add the value of your score to your total. If you missed with all three darts, you subtract the value of the double from your total. If you running total score reaches 0, you start again. Very hard, but very effective.

501 v Me

In this game, you play against your saved games - e.g. you play against yourself! The whole idea of DartPro is becoming a better darter, and what better way to find out if you've progressed is to play against your old self.

Finish Calculator

If you're having troubles finding the right finishes, or you want some alternatives for the ones we all know from the various lists, let DartPro calculate any number of possible finishes for you.